What break?

relaxedbusinesspersonThe blink of an eye that occurs between the Spring and Summer trimesters can go by with nauseating speed. Here I am waking up with only one break week left, and I have yet to recover from the hangover brought on by Spring final exams. Perhaps this should come as no surprise, since I did register for Summer classes during Spring trimester midterms. This blistering pace has become routine for me and my fellow classmates in our final year of the two year BSM program. Below are several ways to make the transition between semesters seem easier:

1. Register on time
Registering for next trimester’s classes on your enrollment appointment date will provide peace of mind and allow you to begin searching for your books well in advance. Of course it also brings bouts of anxiety when you see a dreaded professor or three quantitative classes in your near future.

2. Tap the network
Although many of us could probably weather through this program like Robinson Crusoe dreaming of a peanut butter sandwich, a network of fellow students can make life much easier. Quite often, friends will be able to provide insight on professors (take with a grain of salt), preparation techniques (please check their GPA before cloning their method), and under the best circumstances, free books!

3. Bargain hunt for textbooks
Speaking of books, Amazon has been my reliable partner. I am all about school spirit and I can do the wave with the best of them, but books are expensive. Yearly textbook prices could pay a good portion of tuition at the University of Nevada, Florida State University, or San Diego State University. I’m just saying.

4. Read ahead
I know every teacher recommends the students to read ahead before the first day of class, but it really does help. First impressions are everything. Don’t you want to be the first student to argue with your professor about some arcane macroeconomic theory? I do.

5. Relax
Save up some vacation time and go to Jamaica or Simi Valley for some of my more conservative friends.

The countdown begins.

Phillip Thompson, MBAJ Candidate 2010
Formerly from Texas, Phillip is a second year student in Pepperdine's Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) program, and a new applicant to the Joint BSM and MBA (MBAJ) program. "I am interested in pursuing a career in the United States State Department, which is why I look forward to pursuing a MBA in Global Business," he says. "I chose Pepperdine because of their strong fundamentals, small class sizes, and rigorous course work."
Phillip Thompson, MBAJ Candidate 2010

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Phillip Thompson, MBAJ Candidate 2010

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  1. I love it! Great tips my friends! I am on that Jamaica tip for real!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Anna Hummell says:


    I can’t believe two years has past.. I just seemed like yesterday we that we met over lunch to prepare your application for the BSM program!! Congrats on your acceptance into the MBA program! 🙂 Please stop by and say hello sometime.


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