Hollywood IT Summit: Are We Doing the Right Thing?

The HIT Summit was filled with intense information as well as discussions led by prominent professionals from the IT unit of the entertainment industry. The summit revolved around innovations and technology that is currently used in the industry as well as research and development in the same area.

The first on the agenda was ‘Keynote: Business Transformation in the Digital World’ and this was addressed by Darcy Antonellis, President, Warner Bros. Technical Operations.  She spoke of the need of sophisticated and more efficient IT infrastructure in the socially networked marketplace, which would add strategic value to the companies. She explained that IT does not cater to a specific department, but spans across different departments such as human resources, finance etc. Thus the IT unit in a company should cater to providing these different important units across the organization, with Tools and set of services which increases an agile interaction in the department with the system as well as a smooth interaction across the units. She stated that it was less about IT budget, and more about enabling innovation for the next generation of people.

The next session on the agenda was the Studio CIO panel which included Steve Andujar (EVP and CIO of Sony Pictures Entertainment), John Herbert (EVP/CIO, Twentieth Century Fox) , Steve Lapinski (SVP,IT NBCUniversal), Theresa Miller (EVP/CIO, Lionsgate), Beth Overhuls (VP, Business Systems Engineering, The Walt Disney Company) and Abe Wong ( EVP , CIO Paramount Pictures) .The discussion was  based on the strategic challenges for business evolution and growth. They talked about using the system to efficiently do the DVD forecasting through Point of sales and the Box office success of the movies.

They spoke about the enterprise information governance and how important it is to set up a good framework to access, use and control the information. This comprised of the four aspects of business, which are strategy, architecture, value and delivery. Strategy meant ‘Are we doing the right thing?.’ Architecture required understanding if we were doing the right thing the right way. Value meant that are we getting the benefits and delivery is, if we are we executing it well.

The summit had many more sessions that discussed on data quality, enterprise data warehousing with co-resident information. The Summit had speakers speak on different technologies used for each type of business and the number of BI (Business Intelligence tool) was Excel.  Entertainment residuals and digital distribution of content were some of the other hot topics discussed.

Bir, MBA Candidate '12

Bir, MBA Candidate '12

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Bir, MBA Candidate '12

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