Go Solo or Find a Team? 10 Tips for Choosing a Co-founder

You’ve got the next billion dollar idea.  Now what?  There are business plans to write, products to craft, relationships to forge. There will be no shortage of crucial tasks to complete in order to see your idea to fruition. But should you go solo or find a team?

It’s a common question and I’ve found the following articles, blog posts, and other resources extremely valuable in helping make the decision:

  1. From Solo Founder to Co-founder” by Mike Lewis – Great article which illustrates that with the right people, 1+1 = 3.
  2. “What We Look For in Founders” by Paul Graham – Important article on what skills some Angels/VCs look for in founders.  If you don’t have some of these characteristics, you may need to add members to your team to broaden the company skill set.
  3. “How to Pick a Co-founder” by Naval Ravikant – Neat VentureHacks article that preaches the importance of creating your team.
  4. “Underbelly: What Haughty Startup Bloggers Don’t Tell You” by Jason Fried – Insightful article which discusses the emotional toll starting a company can take on a solo entrepreneur.
  5. “Build Your Management Team” by Stever Robbins – Good resource from Entrepreneur Magazine which discusses how to go about growing your team.
  6. “How to Assemble the Perfect Team” – Another great article about how to build a great team from my friend, Jun Loayza, co-founder of RewardMe.
  7. “Finding Your Co-founders” by Seth Sternberg – Another awesome article from the CEO of Meebo about how to find a co-founder.
  8. Go to a FounderDating event in your area to meet with like-minded entrepreneurs. It will help you quickly discover what types of qualities you’re looking for in a co-founder.
  9. Join an entrepreneurship association in your area in order to network with other bright minds such as the SVASE in Silicon Valley.
  10. “Panel Discussion: Finding a Co-founder…or Not?” – YouTube video from the Stanford GSB which talks about the advantages/disadvantages of going solo or finding a team.


Justin Moore, MBA Candidate '12

Justin Moore, MBA Candidate '12

Justin is a first-year student in the Fully Employed MBA program at Pepperdine University. He earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from UCLA. Justin is involved in many entrepreneurial endeavors and loves all things technology.
Justin Moore, MBA Candidate '12

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