Five Simple Secrets To Job Hunting At Your Next MBA Conference

As a second-year Graziadio 20 month full-time student, I am on the constant job hunt. It feels like since day one of my second year, a countdown began.

I had 252 days to find a job that would propel my career. That sounds a little daunting. However, in today’s competitive job market, I feel as though I have to think in terms of a countdown.

So when I found out that the National Black MBA Association conference was going to take place in Downtown Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance to attend the conference. I made a list for myself to make sure I was completely set to make the best impression I possibly could.

This list helped me and it can help you too:

  1. Elevator Pitch – Make sure you have the perfect elevator pitch. You must make yourself appear to the recruiter that YOU are the person they should be interviewing. Do this by creating an elevator pitch that speaks to your strengths and tailor it to whatever company to which you are talking.
  2. Research – These conferences include a plethora of companies. Some are huge companies and some are small companies. However, it doesn’t matter what type of companies you are talking to…YOU MUST DO YOUR RESEARCH. These recruiters are very impressed when you show them that know what is new at their respective companies. This can be the difference between getting an interview and walking away empty handed.
  3. Bring a pen and paper – You may have some great conversations with recruiters. You want to make sure you remember certain things you spoke about when you email them to thank them. Bringing a pen and paper will help you remember what to include in the email.
  4. Dress the part – Appearance is everything. Make sure you wear a clean suit and nothing too scandalous. You do not want recruiters to have a negative association with you because you are dressed poorly.
  5. Eat nutritiously – You want to make sure you eat brain foods. Cut out all the greasy foods and load up on nutritious proteins and vegetables. This will improve the way you feel and think throughout the entire day.

Follow these five rules and you will be successful at your next MBA conference. I followed them and I was able to score an interview and make many contacts. Good luck!

Adam Neuman, MBA Candidate '11

Adam Neuman, MBA Candidate '11

Adam is a second-year 20-month fulltime MBA candidate concentrating in marketing. He is the current vice president of the Malibu Graduate Business Society. He is interested in pursuing digital marketing in entertainment, social networking or at a marketing agency.
Adam Neuman, MBA Candidate '11

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